Foot care tailored to your needs

At Pro Podiatry we endeavour to treat the symptoms of your problem and enhance your quality of life. To achieve this goal of providing the best quality of care we use the latest technology and information available adapting these tools to meet your needs.

Through diagnosing, treating and managing any foot or lower limb conditions as well as preventative care, we can reduce the chance of the condition occurring again or any further complications arising.


Our footcare services.

We treat a wide range of both foot and lower limb related conditions.

Sports Podiatry
Full Biomechanical assessments specific to your lower limb injuries or athletic overuse injuries. Includes Video Gait Analysis.
Fungal Nails and Skin
Fungal Nails are often characterized by thickening, discoloration and separation of the nail from the nail bed.
General Foot Care
Difficult to cut toe nails - thickened nails and callous, Heel Fissures, Corns and Verrucae Pedis (Plantar Warts).
Ingrown Toe Nails & Nail Surgery
Nail that is growing into the skin needs to be removed and cleared to prevent infection this can conservatively cleared or may require minor surgical intervention.
Video Gait Analysis
Information about your unique style of walking / running which can be used to enhance performance, efficiency or diagnose recurring injuries.
Orthotic Prescription
Supply of an insole to support, prevent, correct or to improve the function of the foot and lower limb.
Verrucae Treatment
Removal of Verrucae (Plantar Warts).
Heel Fissures
Commonly known as cracked heels.
Diabetic Foot Care
Full Diabetic Assessment and education.
Elderly Foot Care
Care for aging feet.
Childrens feet - full podopediatric assessment and education.

About Pro Podiatry

Pro Podiatry is based on Ashburton. Established in 2014, Pro Podiatry is owned and operated by podiatrist Kirsten Harvey.

Kirsten Harvey BHSc.POD, M.Sport.PodNZ

A passion in everything sports related developed into an interest in health and well being and finally a career in podiatry. I completed my Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in 2008 when I then moved to Christchurch and started working in one of city's leading podiatry clinics. I have worked in and around Canterbury, forming close relationships with many multidisciplinary health professionals. I am passionate about my profession, enjoy working with people and look forward to providing you with the best podiatric care.

PodiatryNZSports Podiatry NZ

Kirsten Harvey - Pro Podiatry

Kirsten Harvey - Podiatrist and Founder of Pro Podiatry

James Kennedy

A born and bred Cantabrian, James took a round about way to the world of podiatry. He initially studied Physical Education at the University of Otago, eventually completing his Masters in Biomechanics, before becoming a personal trainer travelling the world on cruise ships. It was during this time that James developed a huge passion for injuries to the lower limb and foot. James gave up life at sea to return to NZ to study podiatry to further this passion. James has a strong interest in all things podiatry, but his key areas of interest are all things biomechanics related and he looks forward to imparting his knowledge to help people take the best possible care of themselves. James can be found in his off time out running in the outdoors or playing hockey.

James Kennedy - Pro Podiatry

James Kennedy - Podiatrist

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